1SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF X23Index No.: Plaintiff, againstVERIFIED COMPLAINT ACTION FOR DIVORCE4 Defendant. X 5FIRST: Plaintiff herein / by ___, complaining of the Defendant,
ud 2

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Who fills the UD-2 form?

The UD-2 Form is the Verified Complaint Action for Divorce that should be filled out by individuals who act as parties to a family divorce case. The parties completing the Verified Complaint form are defined as the plaintiff and the defendant.

What is the purpose of the UD-2 Form?

The form should be filled out to file divorce for the following legally acceptable reasons:

  • Irrecoverable breakdown in relationship for at least a six month period;

  • Cruel treatment;

  • Abandonment;

  • Imprisonment;

  • Adultery;

  • Living separately pursuant to a separation judgement or agreement.

Is the UD-2 Form accompanied by any other documents?

To obtain uncontested divorce in the State of New York, it is necessary to file a number of documents. The complete list can be checked on page 6 of the instruction form from the official website of the New York State courts.

Contrary to a contested divorce, the uncontested divorce implies that the parties have reached an agreement as for the terms of the divorce (division of assets, allocation of debts, alimony, child support, etc).

When is the UD-2 Form due?

The Verified Complaint form Action for Divorce does not have a special deadline for submission.  it should be filed as an initial step for starting the legal separation procedure. Other time limits for further steps are also described in these instructions.

How do I fill out the UD-2 Verified Complaint?

The following information must be provided on the completed UD-2 Form:

  • The names of the parties (the Plaintiff and the Defendant);
  • The date of marriage;
  • Information about the children (name and date of birth);
  • The details about the spouses’ group health plans;
  • Explanation of the grounds for divorce;
  • Additional requests;
  • Plaintiff’s signature;
  • Authorization be the notary public.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ud 2

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